Bolt on change machine door reinforcement (overlapping double hopper) v2


Protect your assets with Changer Armor!

Multiple Changer Armer plates installed with doors locked
Multiple Changer Armer plates installed with doors locked

High-quality door reinforcement plate with rounded edges with laser-cut squares for carriage bolts. Design to fit over, and reinforce the existing coin door with cutouts for the lock.

Bolt on changer machine door reinforcement

Stop thieves from stealing and damaging your change machines during a break-in. Prevent financial loss and damage to your property. The coin door deformation of the door allows the lock to fail. Luckily they didn’t want the Tokens, but the damage was still done. Note the crowbar damaged the Hopper extension (chute). They could have easily destroyed the circuit board.

Most changer break-ins occur by deforming the door.  Then By twisting or prying the door is forced until the lock mechanism fails.  See for yourself how easy the door is to deform.  Open it up and try twisting by pushing the top and the bottom.  Don’t let them get in so easy!
Changer armor helps prevent deformation of the door.
Features:   Single and Double Hopper cabinets
    * 14” hardened steel plate
    * Laser cut with precision on a CNC machine
    * square-cut holes to allow simple installation with carriage bolts
    * No sharp edges
    * Vandal resistant
    * Slows thieves down
Do it before you have a problem!
Installation before you experience a burglary is the easiest.
Installation after you has had a break-in can help restore your door, and avoid costly replacement expenses.


Prevent against money theft out of your change machines and destruction of property of your change machines at the same time with our bolt on change machine door reinforcement called “Changer Armor.”

Don’t let this happen to you!